For the pool, from the opening you must plan a good cleaning of the pool and filter. Afterward, a shock treatment and balancing are required.

Bring a water sample for analysis at Piscines FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs. Our water specialists will provide you the results, make the recommendations for an appropriate treatment, propose the products you need and give you the necessary advice.

Once the water is balanced, analyse your water once or twice per week at home with the pool test strips. Adjust the water consequently. Bring your water to Piscines FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs every 4 to 6 weeks during the swimming season or more often if you are having trouble keeping your water clean. We will be able to help you balance your water when necessary. In addition, bring your water for analysis before closing your pool.

At Piscines FunTime Pools & Hot Tub, the analysis of your water is done free of charge.

We have the complete range of Bioguard products for your pool.
It is recommanded to clean the cell of your salt system at least once a year.  At Piscines FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs, we suggest you to use the Salt Scapes : Cell Cleaner from Bioguard. This product removes scale and restores cell to peak performance.

Salt Scapes cell cleaner

img produit antigelAt the time of closure, you may need a protection against frost. At Piscine FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs, we recommend the product Bioguard Hibernate anti-freeze. This product is designed specifically for the pluming of pools and spas and it is different from other products because of its triple action superior protection:
  • Anti-breakage protection up to -45⁰ C
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Lubrication
img trousse de fermetureWinterizing your pool is an important procedure and, at Piscine FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs, we recommend Bioguard Hibernate closure kit.  It is appropriate for any type of pool and we have 3 sizes, depending on the volume of your pool. It is a fast way to prepare your pool for winter.  In the spring, your pool water will be easier to return to service if you use the closure kit.