Hot Tubs

The water of the spa must be managed efficiently, kept clean and protected from bacteria. The specificity of the hot water of a spa and its chemical balance are subject to changes with every use; therefore, it is important to detect these changes and treat them correctly.

Analyse your water before and after each use with the hot tub test strips and adjust your water consequently.

Bring a water sample for analysis at Piscines FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs. Our water specialists will give you the results of the analysis, make the recommendations for the appropriate treatment, propose the products you need and give you the necessary advice.

At Piscines FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs, the analysis of your water is free of charge.

We offer a wide variety of products that are appropriate for your type of hot tub.
More and more people chose the salt system for their pool or Hot tTubs.  It is recommanded to clean the cell of your salt system at least once a year.  At Piscines FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs, we suggest you use the Salt Scapes : cell cleaner from Bioguard.  The product removes scale and restores cell to peak performance.

saltscapes cell
img optimiser plusAfter draining your spa, refilling it and purifying your water, Piscine FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs suggests that you use the balancing product Optimiser Plus de Bioguard. This product is designed especially for spas and:
  • It improves the comfort and clarity of the water
  • It improves the efficiency of the chemicals
  • It protects the metal surfaces against corrosion
img mineraluxe cleanse drainMany people choose to drain and refill their spa in the spring and fall.  It’s not because you do not see them that there are no residues trapped in your plumbing.  At Piscine FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs, we recommend minéraluxe cleanse & drain, a product that allows you to clean the plumbing of your spa before emptying it.  This product will do an in-depth cleaning where you cannot reach.