The analysis of the water in your pool and spa is one of the crucial steps to maintaining healthy and clear water that is free of bacteria or algae.

At Piscines FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs, we perform water analyses with the help of a state-of-the-art laboratory. We want to ensure that the water of your pool and spa is safe and soft.
At Piscines FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs, the water analyses are free.

We have a full line-up of pool and spa products, including the spring pool opening kits, the maintenance products to purify and balance the water, the oxidising products, the fall winterising products, etc. 

It is important to have the water tested before closing your pool.  Your pool water may be already balanced.  If not, we'll tell you what to do to get it balanced when you bring us a sample of your pool water for testing.  By balancing your water chemistry you are avoiding bacteria and algae growth as well as protecting you liner and equipments from staining and corrosion.  Properly closing your pool could save a lot of troubles, time and money in the spring.

Piscine FunTime Pools & Hot Tub is the retailer of the Bioguard and Dazzle line of pool and spa maintenance products.