Add relaxation and enjoyment to you evenings in the pool with family and friends. At Piscines Funtime Pools & Hot Tubs, we have games and accessories adapted to your pool.

Floating mats and inflatable toys
img jeux matelas flottant img jeux jouets flotants img jeux jouets gonflables img jeux jouets gonflables 2

Pool exercises are known for their health benefits.  At Piscine Funtime Pools & Hot Tubs, we have accessories to help you perform exercises to develop your muscles and maintain your fitness level.
img jeux exercies

With family or friends, it is always fun to do activities in the pool, to spend a bit of energy, while remaining cool in the water.  At Piscines Funtime Pools & Hot Tubs, you will find a wide range of games that you will enjoy.

Floating Ring Game
img jeux anneau flotant

img jeux ballon panier

img jeux ballon volant

Or Both...
img jeux ballon panier volant

All children will enjoy diving to catch these items.
img jeux plongee img jeux plongee 2 img jeux plongees 3