Water Heaters

You would like to use your pool more often and for a longer period? You could consider installing a water heating system to raise the water temperature of your pool.

As you know, with an outdoor pool, you are subject to the elements. It often happens that cooler temperatures prevent us from fully benefiting from the pool during the season.

The solution is simple, heat your pool with a system designed to raise the water temperature.

Do you want a heating system that is less costly to purchase or to use? Do you want a heating system with a quick-rising temperature or one that maintains a fixed temperature at all times? What is your typical use of the pool? Every day? Occasionally? In the evenings? In the spring and fall? Do you want an eco-friendly system? Is your pool exposed to sunlight for several hours per day?

At Piscines Funtime Pools & Hot Tubs, we will help you choose the water heating system to meet your needs.