Water leaks are issues sometimes faced by pool and hot tub owners. Some water leaks are easy to find and repair but others are sometimes difficult to diagnose.

In case of a leak that you cannot locate or repair, the best solution is to call upon professionals.

At Piscines Funtime Pools & Hot Tubs, our technicians are trained to perform the most rigorous inspections and we have specialised leak detection equipment. We have certified divers on our team to help in the underwater detection and repair. We will be able to diagnose the issue and make recommendations for the repair.

However, a drop in the level of the pool or spa is not necessarily caused by a leak. This is the reason why it is important to run some tests before diagnosing a leak. Remember that the more information you have, the faster your leak will be detected and then repaired.

For the pool, we recommend to:
  • Look if you notice a leak around the pump and filtration system.
  • Leave your pump in operation and increase the level of water up to half the skimmer and make a mark with a crayon or a piece of tape on the face of the skimmer. Wait 24 hours, measure and note the loss of water.
  • Turn off the pump and increase again the level of water up to half the skimmer. Make a mark on the skimmer with a crayon or a piece of tape. Wait 24 hours, measure and compare the loss of water.

If you have a solar tarp, install it to minimise the losses of water caused by evaporation.

Besides the equipment, two sources are mainly responsible for the leaks: plumbing or fabric, including the lights or steps.

If the leak comes from the plumbing, we will do a pressure test to identify the line and location of the leak and we will then be able to perform the repair.

To detect a leak in the fabric, the lights or the steps, it will be done with LEAKTRAC and/or by a diver. Once the leak is located, we will be able to perform the repair.