Routine Maintenance of your Hot Tub
To have a hygienic and safe spa, all you need is to perform some simple maintenance actions.  The quality of the water in your spa is ensured by a good flow, filtration, cleaning and balanced water.
  • Circulation: Operate the circulation system every day or, if your circulation pump operates continuously, ensure that it is working properly.
  • Filtration: Clean your filter several times per week with a hose and every 2-4 weeks with a cleaning product, depending on the use.
  • Cleaning: a regular cleaning of the hot tub surfaces with a soft cloth and a cleaning product for acrylic surfaces (available in store) will protect it.
  • Balancing the water of your hot tub: Four primary elements play a role in the quality of water in your hot tub: the purifier (bromine or chloride) to destroy bacteria, the pH, the alkalinity and the calcic hardness. Check your water with the reactive strips for hot tub and balance it with the necessary products based on the recommended levels and values.

Bring your water to Piscine Funtime Pools et Hot Tubs for an analysis once a month and we will guide you with the right products.

Complete Maintenance of your Hot Tub
  • The tub must be emptied on average twice a year or more often depending on the use.
  • Once a year is enough if your hot tub has a saltwater system.

Piscines FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs offers a complete hot tub maintenance service.

To receive your complete maintenance service, please contact us!