Covana is an automated gazebo.  It’s the most innovative solution to optimise the use of your hot tub.  It’s a four-season shelter that can be raised and lowered with a key switch.

It covers your hot tub safely and shelters you from the elements and the UV rays in addition to giving you a pleasant intimacy with its removable canvases. It is safe since it can be locked with a key.

It is a Canadian product designed for our rough winters. Covana presents a higher insulation value and preserves heat and energy for your hot tub. It is complemented by a DEL lighting system using solar energy to create atmosphere and heat with a succession of 7 colours.

Piscines Fun Time Pools & Hot Tubs is the retailer of the COVANA systems. It is compatible with many types and sizes of hot tubs and we provide the installation on the Hydropool and Self-cleaning hot tubs.


COVANA OASIS automated coverimg spas covana oasis

The COVANA OASIS is a cover that is compatible with most brands of hot tubs.  Its design is innovative with an aluminum structure and a solid seamless ABS thermoplastic roof.  It is safe and very solid.  The roof is designed to prevent falls.  The support capacity of the cover is up to 600 lbs.  It can be installed on concrete, wood or any other solid and stable surface.


The COVANA EVOLUTION automated cover for Hot Tub
img spas covana evolution
The COVANA EVOLUTION offers many solutions since it is compatible with round, square and rectangular spas. For the first time, an automated cover offers the possibility to cover round hot tubs of up to 8’ (2.43m).

In addition, its refined design gives the COVANA EVOLUTION an elegant aspect while its modular size offers multiple possibilities to adapt to the larger hot tubs. We are proud to provide you the elegance, safety and ease of use in order to make your hot tub experience unique!


The COVANA LEGEND automated cover for swim spa
img spas covana legend
With the COVANA LEGEND, your swim spa never seemed so accessible and fun to use. No matter what the weather conditions, with one turn of the key and a few seconds, you can be in your spa without having to handle the cover thanks to its completely automated system.

When it is closed, the strong cover has a higher insulation value than a traditional spa cover, provides an unmatched protection by blocking access to children and intruders. It is safe since it has a manual system for emergency opening and closure.

Once it is open, the roof protects you against the elements and the strength of its design gives you peace of mind in any weather. Its adaptable design makes it compatible with oval and rectangular swim spas.