Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub

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The Hydropool Self-cleaning hot tubs are Canadian made and are designed with an exclusive technology to minimise the maintenance of the spa.
With its unique and exclusive self-cleaning system, 100% of the water is filtered every 15-20 minutes. It is the easiest to maintain hot tub in the industry. We are the only ones to propose this innovative technology that will allow you to enjoy your hot tub safely with your family.

In addition, the Hydropool Self-cleaning hot tubs are the most energy-efficient hot tub on the market. Their unique internal insulation system reuses the excess heat created by the pump, which allows you to take advantage of the benefits of the warm water and the hydrotherapy for only pennies a day!

The Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs also offer a large range of exclusive accessories to take fully advantage of the hot tub. It is possible to have a Hydropool hot tub with waterfalls for massaging the neck, water fountains, hydrotherapy jets on the shoulders, aromatherapy, powerful hydrotherapy massage system and more possibilities. One of the most popular options is the ultrapure system with bromine salt.

This ultrapure bromine salt system offers an unequaled ease of use and convenience in terms of purification of the hot tub water. It automatically produces crystal clear water, which allows your filter and your water balancing products to perform their duties without the need to add chlorine or bromine. The saltwater system reduces the amount of work required for the maintenance of your hot tub, which eases even more the maintenance, making it the easiest to maintain in the world.

A Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub will give you more time to relax since you deserve it.

If everything could be so easy in life!