The swim spa is the ideal means to swim, train, have fun and get all the benefits of hydrotherapy every day and throughout the year.  It combines everything in one: the benefits of a pool and a hot tub.

Piscines Fun Time Pools & Hot Tubs has been the retailer of the Hydropool brand swim spas for over 8 years. Whether you choose the AquaTrainer or AquaSport model, you will have an amazing aquatic centre in your backyard: for your enjoyment and fitness.

All our AquaTrainer and AquaSport swim spas are self-cleaning, which reduces the maintenance duties and leaves you more time to swim with family and friends.

The AquaTrainer is the swim spa that gives you the best performance. You can set the current to a speed of swimming that is appropriate for you, which is ideal for a rigorous personal training that can even accommodate the competitive athletes.

The AquaSport has the same shape as the AquaTrainer and it has a swimming area and a non-slip floor that can accommodate any swimmer. It is also adapted to any kind of exercise. It can have 2 or 4 seats with hydrotherapeutic jets for massages.

The AquaSport and AquaTrainer are also available with two independent basins, one for the pool and one for the hot tub. They are often called dual tank. It offers you more flexibility by allowing you to control the two basins independently. Ex.: water temperature control.

We also offer the AquaPlay, which is a spa that is more adapted to games and exercise instead of swimming. It is ideal for smaller spaces. It is only available in the 12-foot format.
At piscine Funtime Pools & Hot Tubs, we have a swimming basin in our showroom. Come try it out!

The Hydropool brand swim spas are built to resist the passage of time. At Piscines Funtime Pools & Hot Tubs, you can take advantage of our informed advice and our customer support.